About Us

About Us

Raw human hair is purchased from an Indian temple and transformed into hair extensions at our facility. No chemicals are utilized in any of raw south Indian hair the processes to keep our extensions healthy and their cuticles maintained. Our procedures are labor-intensive and time taking. The hair is sun-dried rather than using a heater for the south Indian temple raw hair. Nits and lice are hand-picked rather than using toxins. However, the KANBAN technique is used to effectively manage time and resources. We can keep track of stock and properly handle resources to make human hair extensions at the appropriate price and at the right time using this strategy we provide the best raw Indian hair. When employing the band approach, extreme caution is necessary to avoid mixing the head and tail of a bundle. The bundles are knotted off at the head from the beginning, and they will only be released at the wefting step. This guarantees that the hair stays REMY throughout the procedure. Our wefts are made from high-quality cotton-based threads used in the textile industry. They make wefts that are both sturdy and long-lasting. They're also gentle and soothing on the skin. The wash is done in three steps using hot water. Throughout the procedure, the temperature of the water is checked. There are no chemical detergents utilized. We make our shampoo and conditioner from herbs and seeds from nature. We are the best raw Indian hair vendors in India. we are raw Indian temple hair manufacturers.
About Raw Hair Traders

Origin Of Raw South Indian Hair

It began in India, when ladies, males, kids, infants, and adolescents donate their hair to the state temples as a spiritual tribute to their God. The hair is then sold by the temple to anyone who chooses to purchase it. However, there are certain restrictions on who may bid on the hair. It is not possible to simply go in and submit a bid; it is far more complicated. But the best part is that the proceeds from the hair sales are returned to society, benefiting individuals who cannot afford medical care, schooling, or other basic requirements. Hair weaving is a procedure of adding or extending hair by weaving or braiding, and it is considered a kind of hair care.
Human or artificial hair is weaved or braided in this procedure. Human or synthetic hair is weaved into the root region of the hair for it to grow organically. It's also a south Indian temple with raw hair integration and a hair increase. Hair weaving is popular among women nowadays for a variety of reasons. This hairstyle is popular among males as well as women. The most common causes for hair weaving are baldness and a variety of hair and scalp illnesses such as alopecia totalis and others. A person's hairdo is also improved through weaving.

Why Raw Hair Traders?

A donor's hair is clustered together. Our temple project team tied the heads altogether. Our factory splits and hackles the hair. After hackling, it will be reassembled. We take great care not to mix up the hair on the head with the hair on the tail. A single strand with a deformed head and tail might degrade the quality and best raw Indian hair. Hair from the temple is a prized asset. From the moment it is purchased until it is sent, we ensure that it retains its individuality.
Our goods are naturally treated and colored to resemble the natural hair of humans. We've created an unparalleled quality variety of Remy human hairs using our own unique hair processing methodology and cutting-edge technology. Our products are the only chance for those who are balding or losing their hair. Our products are designed to blend in with the hairline and appear natural. The organization's primary priority is reliability. We have a staff of effective delivery that keep a close eye on the goods' quality at every stage. In addition, we ensure that our products meet the established international standards.
Our product is packaged in industrial-grade packing materials that are environmentally friendly and protect the contents from mechanical and transport damage. In addition, the product is properly labeled to provide data. Ours is a quality-driven company dedicated to providing only the highest-quality items. As a result, we only employ high-quality raw materials in the production of our whole line.
The raw hair of Indian Virgin Human Hair is completely untreated and unprocessed. Many individuals are confused about the differences between raw and processed hair extensions. Nevertheless, you should be aware of this before purchasing one for yourself. Because of the natural appearance it provides, the Indian variety is the most popular and in fierce competition. Indian Virgin Human Hair is a form of weave that may be used to extend the length of your present hair. For all kinds of girls, it is utilized in extensions, braids, and wigs. You may get it in a variety of lengths, ranging from a few inches to far over 40 inches. The very first thing you'll notice about Indian hair is that it's dark brown and almost always 100 percent natural black. That is the primary advantage of using real hair rather than synthetic hair. Yes, it is more expensive. But, in the end, you'll appreciate the fact that it gives you more alternatives and simply works better.

Professionals At Your Service:

We can provide an extraordinary quality selection of hairs thanks to a team of competent specialists and well-equipped production equipment. Our hygienically maintained production center uses Original Natural Human Hair and innovative technology to create the hair products we provide. To assure the quality of completed products, the obtained Original Natural Human Hair is put through a series of rigorous testing on a variety of factors. Our quality controllers thoroughly test the complete range on numerous criteria using the most up-to-date testing machines and equipment to give a perfect range to the customers.

Raw Hair Weaves

The Raw Indian is obtained through a reaching agreement from Indian temples. We work exclusively with the temple and engage our personnel from the procurement stage forward, ensuring that quality is maintained at all times. You may rest confident that you will receive raw virgin unprocessed hair from the company at factory prices. We weave the hair using a triple wefting process that assures minimum to no shedding. We provide raw Indian wigs wholesale.

Features Of The Product:

  •   Hair that is cuticle aligned and tangle-free
  •   Could be used for more than 5 years.
  •   There will be noshed.
  •   There are no nits and lice.
  •   Hair that has never been colored beforehand.
  •   Natural texture.
  •   Temples in India were used as a source.
  •   There are no chemicals at all.
  •   Delivery is available the next day.

Closures And Frontals :

Raw hair closures and frontals are available to complement the Raw human hair weaves. It's flexible because of the transparent lace, which mixes in with any skin tone. Our Raw hair closures and frontals go together with Raw hair weaves and mix in nicely. Together with the weaves, be able to try our Raw hair closures and frontals to complete the aesthetic. To ensure that everything mixes seamlessly, we fit it into the weaving sequence.

Hair In Bulks:

The bulk hair came in a 100-gram bundle and maybe braided or used to make wigs. Raw Bulk hair has the same cuticle alignment as our machine weaves. Because it is virgin in origin, it may be dyed or bleached. Depending on your needs, we may provide single-drawn hair or double-drawn bulk. The hair has complete cuticles that run in the very same orientation as the hair. To prevent entanglement and clumping, this is critical. The texturing is genuine and natural, as they were gathered from the donor, so you can curl or straighten them as you choose, and they will return to their original condition when cleaned raw Indian hair bundles.

On Request Bleaching:

We bleached the Raw Indian hair weaves to generate a variety of blonde hues upon request. Our highly educated crew takes extra precautions to ensure that the hair is bleached to the correct hue without harming the hair strands' cuticles.

Our Priorities And Expertise

Obtain raw hair from Indian temples and weave it into gorgeous and long-lasting hair weaves. We strictly enforce a no-agent, no-middleman policy. We carry the raw human hair from the temple to our Indian hair factory in South India, where our production facility is located. We have an intolerance to additives and treatments since we are excessively devoted to Raw Indian Hair weaves. While transforming raw Indian hair into gorgeous cuticle-connected Human Hair weaves, we take a RAW and traditional technique. Before the hair is suitable for wefting, no machinery is used in the procedure. Our employees are dedicated to generating stunning strands and work hard at every level of production. Test one of the largest raw Indian hair vendors if you'd like to try 100 percent unprocessed raw Indian hair.
We take pleasure in our desire to make the cuticles in a mono direction from the beginning of the process. To avoid mixing up the head and tail inside the bundle, we bind the hair with a band before cutting the hair from the donor. The bundle hair is then carried to the factory, where it is cleaned, scrubbed, and sundried using herbal shampoo and conditioner. After that, the dried hair is selected by size and woven into exquisite weaves. We bind the wefts with a triple wefting process, which almost eliminates shedding.
The wefted hair is delivered to our quality assurance team, where each bundle is specifically directed for lice or nits, segregated, and delivered to a team that sanitized removes them before sending them to a second-team for evaluation. Bundles that pass the quality control process will be cleaned, thoroughly conditioned, and packaged.

South Indian Temple Hair:

Pure virgin Raw temple hair taken from our south Indian temples is used to make the highest grade Indian Human Hair. We can only provide virgin temple Indian hair that has been cut naturally from ladies. So it won't be like other hair, where the bottom is thick and the top is sparse. Our Indian raw hair is long-lasting and may be reused for up to two years with careful care. Our Indian temple hair comes in a variety of textures, including straight, curly, and wavy hair in a variety of natural colors, as well as bleached and colored hair.

Mission To Give Best Customer Service:

We are sincere with every client, providing expert virgin hair expertise such as production, product characteristics, hair maintenance, and so on, ensuring that clients make the best decision possible before investing their hair. Customers' orders are tracked till they acquire the items, as well as the usage procedure. We are always focusing on the user experience, listening to our consumers through numerous channels, and improving operational efficiency.
An accurate product description. We patiently and honestly answer any of your queries. I received a prompt response. We respond to messages and emails as quickly as feasible. Monitoring service for shipments. When we ship the hair out for the first time, we provide you with a tracking number. Advice on how to use the service If you have any issues after receiving the hair, please contact us right once. The solution is both timely and effective. We will do everything possible to assist you in resolving your issues as quickly as possible. Return and exchange policies that are reasonable. Accounting for semi defective products, as well as shipping the incorrect kind, color, or length.
Our main concern is customer happiness. Our items are of the highest quality, giving unprocessed Indian hair and we stand by them. We think that by working along with our customers, we can make every transaction a good one with the best raw Indian hair. Our hair is hand-inspected before being shampooed and conditioned. We won't promise hair color or texture considering the nature of our product and the fact that each unique piece comes from a different donor. Each head of virgin human hair is unique, and no two heads of hair are similar. Our images are intended to give you a decent understanding of the textures we provide. When you purchase with us, you will note that the hair you receive differs somewhat from the photographs we provide. This cannot and should not be avoided. Rough textures, looser curls, tighter curls, and so forth are all possibilities. We are Indian human hair wholesalers, processors, exporters, traders, and suppliers with our production facility and the best raw Indian hair vendors in India.